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Top 5 Fun Online Games

We have all experienced this situation: it is 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon at the office and you have done all your work for the week. Leaving early is not allowed, so there is something to do for the next 30 minutes or so. Online games are perfect to have some quick fun. Without any prior installation necessary, it is now possible to play games with a simple web browser.

Whether it’s sports, exploding as many balloons as possible or progressing to becoming the most famous iceberg penguin, your hobby is surely already online.

To help you find exactly what you will like the most, we have scanned all the existing online games to keep only five that are worth it.

Here is our selection of the best online games you can play in your free time this summer.

  1. Wonderputt

Wonderputt, if not the biggest free online game of all time, is certainly the most aesthetic of them. It’s a simple concept: you have to make your way around 18 holes in as few strokes as possible – so it’s golf revisited. But I can already hear you say that the gulf is far from being entertaining. Don’t worry, the entertainment here stems from the beautiful way the course is transformed to reveal new segments and new challenges. Expect to face ski slopes, skyscrapers and a Stonehenge on your course.

Wonderputt is truly a unique online gaming experience, and while it may not have much replay potential, you will certainly appreciate the thought and effort that went into it.

  1. Bubble Trouble

In Bubble Trouble, you have to explode all the bouncing bubbles by dividing them over and over again with a line from your speargun, without letting them touch you at any time. You can collect dropped items to get upgrades and earn bonus points by eliminating all bubbles before the time runs out.

The best aspect of this game, however, is the character you play. He’s a nice little devil and so cool!

  1. Bloons Tower Defense 5

For a brief time, Bloons Tower Defense became the must-have game for travelers around the world. Its latest version, Tower Defense 6, is only available on iOS and Android, which testifies to its popularity. The main objective of the game is to prevent the “bloons” from reaching the end of a predetermined route. You must choose different types of towers and traps to place around the course in order to defend yourself against the bloons and progress until the end of the game.

The original Bloons game, also produced by NinjaKiwi, is arguably an even better game. In short, you are an incredibly cute little monkey that throws darts to burst as many balloons as possible. Hours of insane distraction/entertainment will certainly ensue.

  1. Wolfenstein 3D

It is the original video game and still the best first-person shooter available online. Rudimentary 3D graphics by Wolfenstein were pioneers at the time, but the game still holds water today. It is also a historical theme. You will step into the shoes of Allied spy William “BJ” Blazkowicz as he escapes from the German Nazi prison known as “Castle Wolfenstein” and performs a series of crucial missions against the Nazis. And if you are surprised by your teacher or your boss playing it, just say that you were doing some historical research!

  1. RuneScape

Finally, it would be an insult to leave the iconic fantasy game off this list. Released in 2001, RuneScape has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the most played, most up-to-date free MMORPG with the most original soundtrack in the world ever created. The beauty of RuneScape lies in its endless play possibilities. Rather than following a linear scenario, players set their own goals and objectives in a completely open world.