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Play Jungle Solitaire

Jungle Solitaire
Pyramid Solitaire game, add cards up to a value of 13.

Play Free Cell Klondike

Free Cell Klondike
Klondike Solitaire game with 4 FreeCells

Play 40Thieves Solitaire

40Thieves Solitaire
Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold card game

Play Sheriff Tripeaks

Sheriff Tripeaks
A game of classic Tripeaks

Web Winter Games (More)

Play Go Santa

Go Santa
Teach Santa to ski

Play Seal Ball

Seal Ball
Play Seal Volleyball

Play Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze
Freeze Santa's enemies

Play Festive Fallout

Festive Fallout
Christmas Presents game

Web Multi-Player Games (More)

Play 8 Ball

8 Ball
Cool Pool

Play Go

Divide & Conquer

Play Connect 4

Connect 4
Get 4 in a row

Play Gomoku

Dominate the board

Web Shoot 'Em Up Games (More)

Play Penguin Arcade

Penguin Arcade
Shoot penguins back into the water

Play Bugs Attack

Bugs Attack
Defeat the evil bug forces!

Play Clash N Slash Web

Clash N Slash Web
Defend your planet from invasion

Play Cannons

Destroy the enemy cannon

Web Action/RPG Games (More)

Play Treasure Pleasure

Treasure Pleasure
Collect the diamonds

Play Alien Thief

Alien Thief
Abduct all the cows

Play Miniclip Snake

Miniclip Snake
Collect all the bonuses

Play Blob Bob

Blob Bob
Come live the life

Web Puzzle Games (More)

Play Jumpie

The original Jumpie game

Play Chisel

Dig, Dig, Dig

Play Minesweeper

Clear the board -- avoid mines!

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise
Solve this puzzle in 20 minutes or less



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